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Temporary Facilities, Remote Workforce Housing Services, Disaster Recovery, and Logistics Worldwide.


Temporary 123 owns and operates assets that can be mobilized and are a part of complete turnkey services. Schools need to renovate or expand existing dining, kitchen, building or warehousing facilities. Hospitals or Nursing Homes need to upgrade their existing facilities to meet current health code or provide better services. 

Military Agencies are often involved in the logistics of troops for  training exercises. These agencies  are often upgrading their capabilities.  Military agencies have detailed protocols when it comes to how they like to operate.  Temporary 123 is licensed to do business with the government. 

Correctional Facilities may need temporary mobile or modular assets for refrigeration maintenance, kitchen facilities or housing solutions.  Temporary 123 has a long list of correctional facilities customers.  Power Companies may need turnkey housing solutions for man camps, basecamps or temporary housing. Workforce housing crews or basecamps operators need to mobilize assets near projects.  

Temporary 123 provides complete turnkey solutions that include mobile, modular or semi permanent facilities worldwide.  Temporary 123 owns and manages assets that are completely turnkey and have been constructed fully offsite.  Our mobile assets may be packaged with our star rated  “123 Hospitality Service”.  

The 1 in Temporary 123 stands for:

Asset Rental

The 2 in Temporary 123 stands for:

Asset Mobilization 

The 3 in Temporary 123 stands for:

The best turnkey services in the industry. Our operators respond to emergencies everyday 16 hours a day – 6 days a week worldwide. Every agent that answers our phones can provide, on the spot pricing, specification and a list of complete turnkey packages.