The Nation’s Leader in Providing Turnkey Solutions:
Temporary Facilities, Remote Workforce Housing Services, Disaster Recovery, and Logistics Worldwide.

Temporary 123

Temporary 123 can house, support, feed and sustain any crew anywhere in the world. We specialize in providing turnkey housing, base-camp, staffing, catering and destination management services.

Temporary Facilities, Workforce Housing Services, Disaster Recovery, Logistics, and Food Services

Temporary 123, provides state of the art temporary facilities, specializing in dining and workforce housing facilities worldwide, comfortable workforce housing, staffing and full-service support. Our team of professionals are always ready to assist with any and all recovery efforts worldwide. We provide a quick turnkey response to all your organization’s needs.


Temporary 123 delivers worldwide operational support and infrastructure solutions for any disruptions to operations, workforce housing, staffing or catering caused by a catastrophic event or a large construction project. Whether the task involves an emergency response to a remote region or a strict timeline, Temporary 123 has the expertise and resources to deliver the best possible solution anywhere in the world. 


Temporary Facility Construction

Our team of experts can develop remote site solutions, including the design, construction, installation, furnishing, and administration of your lodging amenities. From permanent shelter to temporary, portable, or other functional workforce lodgings, we have the capacities to meet any circumstances.

Catering and Food Services

We understand that producing quality meals at remote job sites can be difficult. With challenges considered, Temporary 123 has uncovered the best system for implementing remote catering services without losing quality while serving hot, freshly prepared meals to teams on location.

Operation and Support Services

Temporary 123 equips your workforce with the life support assistance required to keep them safe, comfortable, and well in even the most challenging and complex situations. Temporary 123 can deliver all essentials to keep your temporary site running safely and efficiently.