The Nation’s Leader in Providing Turnkey Solutions:
Temporary Facilities, Remote Workforce Housing Services, Disaster Recovery, and Logistics Worldwide.


Temporary 123 offers emergency contingency planning packages. In the case of many Government Agencies, Military Branches, Law Enforcement, Electric, Oil & Gas Companies there is no option to fail. Basic life support services must be provided. Temporary 123 owns and manages mobile assets that can be deployed to staging areas, disaster sites or where the construction project is located, worldwide. Temporary 123 is also an equipment rental company that offers mobile and modular facilities, equipment operators, turnkey power, facility dry out services, emergency power, electrical, plumbing, grading, landscaping, catering, hospitality, clean up crews, tree trimmers, water and fuel services. Temporary 123 has assets that are completely turnkey and have been constructed fully offsite.