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Portable Restroom Trailers in Nova Scotia, CA

We created our Temporary 123 portable restroom trailers in  Nova Scotia, CA with the general public in mind. They are effective when used and may be used in practically any situation. They are designed to be both visually appealing and sturdy enough to survive even the most dangerous public areas. The work was completed fully and swiftly.  Nova Scotia’s Temporary 123 opted to build its own after years of using temporary bathrooms and other trailers. We developed it such that almost all of the component parts are interchangeable with hardware store items, eliminating the need for a manufacturer-specific part if one is required.

Features of our Temporary 123 portable restrooms in  Nova Scotia, CA for sale or rent:

  • Easy to install: Self-leveling stairs slide out in seconds and then automatically level for easy setup on uneven ground or near a curb. Our fold-out railings are quick and easy to deploy, and the stabilizer jack placement makes them totally accessible. The only tool required for setup is a level. 
  • Easy to clean: The fiberglass is gel coated for a strong slick surface that repels dirt and is easy to clean with a cloth and household cleaner.
  • Durability: All of our portable bathrooms for sale feature or rent feature a steel frame with gel-coated fiberglass on the interior and exterior walls, ceiling, subfloor, and roof.
  • Easy Maintenance: Our Temporary 123 portable restroom was designed to insure minimal maintenance. But when maintenance is required our large mechanical room door allows easy access to all components of the trailer.  

Is it definitely necessary to hire portable toilets for your particular event? Our  Nova Scotia, CA Temporary 123 portable restroom trailers were designed with the common person in mind. Do you presently use a portable restroom that need maintenance or repair? Temporary 123 in  Nova Scotia, CA will meet all of your requirements. When it comes to remodeling or special events, a quick and dependable sanitation solution is just a phone call away.

Temporary 123’s sleek, modern temporary mobile bathroom trailers in  Nova Scotia, CA are an ideal solution for all of your portable restroom needs. Urinals, as well as male and female cubicles, are available in our bigger restroom trailers. Air conditioning, stereos, and stainless steel sinks are a few examples. Our portable restrooms provide all of the conveniences of home. In cold regions, heat is employed, and in hot climates, air conditioning is used. The portable two-station restroom trailer is simple to set up in confined spaces. The men’s and women’s restrooms are both open. 

A four-stall toilet trailer: Selecting this option grants access to the four-stall trailer, which has double the room. Our eight-station restroom trailer has four sinks and eight toilets. On the men’s side, there are two urinals and two stalls, and four closed stalls on the women’s side. 

The following features distinguish each of our trailers from those of the competition: 

    • Heating and Cooling System in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Full-size urinals in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Vanity Mirrors in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Soap Dispensers in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Hot/Cold Water Faucet in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Floor-to-ceiling doors in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Stainless Steel Sinks in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Seat Covers in Nova Scotia, CA
    • Stereo Sound System in  Nova Scotia, CA

Temporary 123 restroom trailers in  Nova Scotia, CA are not only practical, but also visually appealing. These vehicles are capable of handling projects of any size or complexity.

Areas We Serve In This Area

Baddeck, NS
Digby, NS
Glace Bay, NS
Halifax, NS
Liverpool, NS
Louisbourg, NS
Lunenburg, NS
Pictou, NS
Port Hawkesbury, NS
Springhill, NS
Sydney, NS
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