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Refrigeration Trailers Rental in USA

Refrigeration Excellence with Temporary 123: Serving Diverse Needs Across the United States

Navigating the vast and intricate landscape of logistics and event planning reveals a set of universal requirements. At the forefront is the indispensable need for refrigeration that transcends the ordinary—delivering effectiveness, safety, and versatility. Be it the preservation of perishable goods, the safeguarding of pharmaceutical products, or the seamless execution of large-scale events, the significance of reliable refrigeration cannot be overstated. Here steps in Temporary 123, an eminent name in the United States for top-notch refrigeration solutions.

Temporary 123: A Glimpse into the World of Modular and Mobile Refrigeration

Standing proudly as one of the largest refrigeration and commercial kitchen enterprises in the US, Temporary 123 has etched its mark in the industry through unwavering commitment to quality and relentless innovation. Enter our COOLBOX STRUCTURES™—more than mere refrigeration units, they stand as a testament to engineering excellence. Meticulously crafted to adhere to the most stringent sanitary standards, these units embody versatility, catering seamlessly to both temporary and permanent needs.

The COOLBOX STRUCTURES™ Modular Edition, a marvel bearing our patented and trademarked insignia, is a showcase of our unyielding commitment to adaptability. Whether firmly anchored to a foundation or set free with a free-weight system, we have every contingency covered. Picture a spectrum of sizes, from the sleek 12ft trailers to the expansive 40ft containers; our offerings span the gamut to meet a myriad of requirements. Temporary 123 doesn’t just provide refrigeration solutions; we deliver an experience, setting a standard that goes beyond the ordinary and ensures your needs are met with unparalleled excellence.

In the symphony of logistics and event planning, Temporary 123 plays the melody of refrigeration mastery, fulfilling diverse needs with precision, innovation, and a touch of brilliance that lasts not just temporarily but endures through time.

Situations that Call for Temporary 123’s Refrigeration Solutions

  1. Event Catering: Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a massive music festival, ensuring fresh and safe food is paramount. Our range of trailers and containers offers caterers the flexibility and assurance they need.

  2. Emergency Relief: In the wake of natural disasters, the delivery of fresh food and medicines becomes a priority. Temporary 123’s rapid deployment and effective refrigeration solutions can be lifesavers in such situations.

  3. Pharmaceutical Storage: Certain medications and vaccines demand stringent temperature controls. Our COOLBOX STRUCTURES™ offer precise temperature maintenance, ensuring the efficacy of these vital products.

  4. Agricultural Sector: For farmers and agricultural businesses, the gap between harvest and market or processing can be a vulnerable period. Our solutions ensure produce remains fresh, reducing waste and maximizing profits.

  5. Meat and Seafood Industry: These industries demand rigorous temperature controls. Whether it’s a local butcher or a large-scale seafood distributor, our containers guarantee freshness from source to sale.

  6. Breweries and Wineries: From fermentation to storage, the brewing process demands specific temperature ranges. Our units offer breweries and wineries the flexibility to control and maintain these temperatures, ensuring the best quality produce.

  7. Seasonal Overflow: Retailers, especially during festive seasons or promotional periods, often face inventory overflow. Temporary 123’s range offers temporary solutions to store excess stock without compromising quality.

  8. On-Site Construction Needs: For construction projects that span months, especially in remote locations, ensuring the crew has access to fresh food is essential. Our trailers and containers become invaluable assets in such scenarios.

  9. Temporary Storage During Renovations: Businesses undergoing renovations, especially in the food sector, can’t afford to halt operations. Our solutions ensure their products remain preserved and safe during the transition period.


What sets our COOLBOX STRUCTURES™ apart is not just their top-tier construction but also their adaptability. Recognizing that every client might have unique requirements, these units are designed for:

  • Temporary Uses: Perfect for events, short-term projects, or emergency relief efforts.
  • Semi-permanent Uses: Ideal for seasonal needs, agricultural cycles, or construction projects.
  • Permanent Uses: Businesses that require consistent and reliable refrigeration will find these units perfect for long-term solutions.

Additionally, given the varied nature of our clients’ locations and setup preferences, COOLBOX STRUCTURES™ can be anchored to foundations or use a free-weight system. This versatility ensures that regardless of where you need our services, we can provide a solution tailored to your situation.

Conclusion: Excellence Delivered with Temporary 123

In a world driven by rapid growth and dynamic needs, Temporary 123 stands out as a beacon of reliability. Our dedication to quality, coupled with our vast range of offerings, ensures that no matter the situation, we have a refrigeration solution ready for you.

If you’re seeking a partner who understands the nuances of refrigeration, one who is committed to excellence, and one who has a proven track record of serving diverse needs across the United States, look no further than Temporary 123. For more information, tailored solutions, or to understand how we can serve your specific requirements, give us a call at 800-443-5212. Your refrigeration needs, no matter how unique, are our expertise.

Lists of States we served throughout United States of America

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
District of Columbia

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